What Makes My Program for  Stopping Smoking Different?

Single-session programs, especially group single-sessions, will only work for a small percentage of the population, usually less than 20%. Not all participants go into hypnosis easily and many more wonder if they were even hypnotized at all. True, group sessions are cheaper, but are you willing to gamble a one chance in 5 of success?

Here are 10 reasons to choose my program:

  1. Private sessions give you 100% attention of the hypnotist. Each session is tailored to you.
  2. We first examine your relationship with smoking to see if you are truly ready to end your relationship with tobacco. I do not want you to waste your time and money.
  3. During the first appointment, you learn what hypnosis is and is not and you can ask any further questions until you are completely comfortable with the process.
  4. You are given the opportunity to experience a deep trance. We do convincers so that you understand that, even if you don’t feel hypnotized, you know something is very different. This is very important as everyone perceives the world differently and your experience is personal to you. This is nearly impossible to attain in a group session of people and is what brings many smokers who tried a group session to my office.
  5. You decide for yourself whether hypnosis is right for you. If not, no charge.
  6. We deal with your individual triggers that cause you to smoke and change them to healthier alternatives.
  7. I am not out to embarrass people. I am frequently asked if I am going to make them bark like dog or quack like a duck. Unless this is important to convince you that you are actually hypnotized, I would never do this.
  8. My 33 year Registered Nurse career was client-centered and non-judgmental. I bring this same philosophy and professionalism to my hypnosis practice.
  9. All my clients learn self-hypnosis and how to deal with stress. You fall asleep easier, sleep better and wake up in the morning feeling rested and with a positive attitude.
  10. Your success is my goal. If you need additional sessions to reach your goal of a tobacco-free life, they are free beyond the initial charge as long as College Park Hypnosis Center, LLC is in business.

Again, forget about why other people want you to quit. You and you alone, must decide that, “Today, I am making the decision for myself! I am getting cigarettes and tobacco out of my life for good and taking back the control they have over me!”

Stop Smoking

Break the Cigarette Habit!

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