New Year’s Resolutions

New Year’s Resolutions Are Coming!

Let’s get serious this year. You probably already know changing a habit or lifestyle through willpower alone is difficult, frequently temporary and frustrating. This year, invest in yourself.  Get rid of “hope” and “try” because these are failure words.  Put the power of hypnosis behind you and feel the difference. It’s not magic but an effective tool when used with the proper frame of mind.

“OK, I am interested but I don’t know if I can be hypnotized. “

If you have an IQ over 70, yes you can, if you want to be hypnotized. People experience hypnosis every day without even realizing it. Maybe you already know all hypnosis is self-hypnosis. When one daydream’s, that is hypnosis. Thinking about something else while driving a car and realizing you missed your exit? Who is driving the car? Your subconscious was and this is also a form of hypnosis. Were you unconscious? No. The phenomenon of hypnosis is the same whether you are lying on the beach daydreaming, driving a car on “automatic” or sitting my office chair.

“Will I be unconscious?”

Absolutely not. You were not unconscious or asleep in the above examples and you are not unconscious during a session. You will hear everything because your subconscious continuously monitors everything that is going on. The baby’s cry in the night immediately awakens the mother even though she was asleep and unconscious. During a hypnotic trance, all of the senses are actually heightened.

“Then why do hypnotists use the word ‘sleep’?”

Hypnotists use the word “sleep” to signal the client to close their eyes and go into trance. Hypnosis is defined as “the by-pass of the critical factor of the conscious mind and the establishment of acceptable selective thinking.”  Notice that “relaxation” is not part of the definition.  Relaxation is used as a tool to help the person enter into a trance or deepen it but it is not a requirement to be in trance.

“I have heard of people being stuck in hypnosis.”

This is flatly untrue. A person who is in deep trance sometimes takes a few minutes longer to emerge.  There are no “warehouse” institutions for people stuck in hypnosis. Some people insist that they know of case where a friend of friend is stuck in hypnosis. Our answer is to have the family of that person contact us immediately.  No one ever has.  If something were to happen to the hypnotist, the client would sense that he was not talking and emerge themselves to find out what is going on which leads to the question:

“I am afraid of losing control.”

The client is always the one in control. A hypnotized person is not a zombie with no will of their own. This is pure Hollywood script because it makes a great movie. Remember all hypnosis is self-hypnosis. The hypnotist is the guide. The client is always in control. Should the hypnotist suggest something that is morally or ethically against the client’s beliefs, the client will either reject the suggestion or emerge themselves immediately from trance. This is why the client will never divulge secrets that they do not want to share.

“What does being in hypnosis feel like?”

Everyone experiences hypnosis in their own personal way. Some state they feel heavy while others report feeling “floaty”.  Arms and legs can feel tingly or for others, numb. Many experience time compression and are amazed that the session that seemed to last 20 minutes was really an hour.  Each person has their own perceptions.  Many of my clients report a profound state of wonderful, deep relaxation that they have never experienced before and are eager to learn how to do it for themselves.

“I have a friend who tried to lose weight by going to a group session and it didn’t work for her.”

The only time I do “group” sessions is for educational or entertainment purposes or simple stress reducers.  People are all different. Twins growing up in the same household still experience things differently and what would work for one would not necessarily work for the other. Chances are, that “friend’s” particular reason for being overweight in the first place was not addressed and so, of course “it failed”.  In group sessions, they speak in generalities knowing it won’t work for everybody.

I give my full attention and tailor each session to the particular needs of my client.  The first half hour of the first session is assessing, teaching and giving the client the experience of hypnosis.  If I think they will not be successful, I end it there and no charge. If they feel like it won’t help them, no charge.  So don’t be afraid to give it a go.

You could go on just as you have every year or call me. See if this is right for a whole new you that you have always wanted.  As you already know, you are in control to make positive choices in your life.  Can you imagine the benefits of reaching your goals? How would your life be changed?  Take advantage of 20% off of all sessions booked until January 31st.

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