ABC News Reports the Advantages of Hypnosis With Breast and Other Surgeries


Ever have a medical or dental procedure and be sedated or anesthetized? The feelings of nausea, pain and/or vertigo afterwards can be terrible. In 2007, ABC news did a story about using hypnosis with breast and other surgeries. It brings out that patients were able to recover quicker, be more pain free, experience less anxiety pre- and post-surgery.

Hypnosis can be used to prepare the patient for any type of surgery. The hypnotist is able to work with the doctor and the patient and results in less costs to the patient. Sometimes, anesthesia medications may still be required (this is ultimately up to the surgeon/anesthesiologist) but the patient frequently has less post-operative pain and a quicker recovery which means less time in the hospital. There are no after effects due to heavy sedation or medication.  Hypnosis also provides a more positive outlook and with less stress for the patient as well.

The video can be seen  HERE .

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