What a concept for New Year’s resolutions!  Am I talking your language? Here is something I found on the website. And I quote:

“In the New Year, be sure to  LIE, CHEAT, DRINK, SWEAR and STEAL more than you did last year.

LIE back and relax just a little more this new year.  Let a little more life happen to you without so much worry.

CHEAT  failure.  Don’t be afraid to try something new because you think you may fail.  It is through failure that we   learn the most valuable lessons.

DRINK from the fountain of knowledge.  Many people around you have already been down roads you are about to travel.  Learn from mistakes they have made.  Take what they have learned and use it.

SWEAR to do your best.  All the time, in every situation.  That is all anybody will ever ask.

STEAL  a little time for God.  Everyday take a little more time to develop your relationship with God.

So, if you lie, cheat, drink, swear and steal just a little more in the next year, you will have a profitable and enjoyable year ahead!”

Steal a little time for yourself!  Just you, yourself and whatever force in the universe moves you.  Giving yourself time to become centered allows you relieve the day to day pressures and stresses. It is a peaceful, inner spirit that relieves the body tensions and prolongs a positive life. Shedding the negativity frees one from the control of anger. If one is angry, then that  is what is in control.

There are four choices when it comes to negativity and anger:

  1. Deal with it the moment it occurs.
  2. Decide to deal with it later and you do deal with it.
  3. Decide it is not worth worrying about and letting it go AND forgiving yourself for buying into the anger.
  4. Stuffing it.

Obviously, the first three ways are constructive ways of dealing with it. How many people do you know that only use #4?  They keep stuffing and stuffing and then suddenly, some little, trivial thing sets them off and they EXPLODE! Look into a mirror and ask, “Have I ever done that?”  One probably feels justified when it occurs but what about the person who caused the last, little transgression that resulted in the explosion?

We bring the work place stresses home and we end up snapping at our spouse or our children or the family pet. Is that really fair to them? Do we want to be the bully at home? Do we want to set this as appropriate behavior for our children. Definitely not! By displacing your anger on someone else, all you are doing is spreading it around and what goes around comes around until it is staring us in our face, again.

So STEAL some time for yourself and DRINK from the fountain of knowledge about dealing with anger. You will SWEAR it is the best thing you could do. CHEAT  the people that angered you by not letting them have that control. Would I LIE?

Have a happy and prosperous 2012.



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