Scam: What Professional Hypnotists Hate

This really ticks me off.

Hypnosis already suffers from a tradition of misinformation perpetuated by Hollywood, mystery/science fiction writers, religious views and old wives’ tales, but this really slams all professional, ethical hypnotists.

I recently clicked on an article on the home page of, “What is the easiest way to quit smoking?” and was sent to an “Advertorial” for a business named “YourBetterTomorrow Hypnotherapy”. They offered a free CD to stop smoking if you would only pay for the shipping. Of course, they want your credit card information. I thought, Well, gee, in today’s electronic world, why not just allow the person to download a file?

When I entered “YourBetterTomorrow Hypnotherapy” into Google, all sorts of scam reports came up. On the Better Business Bureau site, they make sure to mention that “YourBetterTomorrowHypnotherapy” is not a member and with good reason. According to BBB’s Website, the low rating (“F” at the time of this writing) was due to:

Reason for Rating
BBB rating is based on 13 factors. Get the details about the factors considered.
Factors that lowered Your Better Tomorrow’s rating include:
• 157 complaints filed against business
• Failure to respond to 9 complaints filed against business.
• 10 complaints filed against business that were not resolved.
• Business has failed to resolve underlying cause(s) of a pattern of complaints.
– See more at:

It seems two weeks after the first charge of $1.99, a second charge of $84 or so appeared for additional subscription CDs that “the customer agreed to” which were not evident on the original bill. Customer reports indicate that this business either responds very slowly to refund requests or not at all and this leaves a sour taste in the customer’s mind about hypnosis and hypnotists by association.

Having not listened to any of their cds, I cannot accurately comment on their effectiveness or the techniques they use. However, in my opinion, I would not be surprised if they were as effective as the business’s apparent lack of customer service.

Hypnosis works and cds may work for some people (I will have a follow-up about cds and phone apps), but I recommend:

  • Do your homework and know what it is you’re getting.
  • Find a good hypnotist that is certified, in good standing and talk with them.
  • Ask yourself:
    1. Are you comfortable with their manner?
    2. Did they take time to answer your questions?
    3. What sort of guarantee do they offer?

The advantage is the hypnotist can tailor their program to fit you and this is important because everyone perceives the world differently and you cannot “cookie cutter” a recording on a cd that is 100% effective for everyone.

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